Sunday, 29 April 2012

it's for the birds

A friend of mine had given my daughter a bird seed ornament as a Christmas gift and thought it was such a neat idea not only as an ornament but also as a gift.

Since we love to watch the birds feed (or squirrels) we decided to make our very own bird seed ornaments (feeder).  I found this website with a recipe and gave it a try.  I followed most of the instructions, I did not use a non-stick spray as I did not have any and I removed the cookie cutter before the ornaments were dry. They seemed to turn out fine.

As a note, the mixture was quite sticky and when it said stir until well combined, I used my hands to mix it as it was much easier. 

My daughter had so much fun filling each of the cookie cutter shapes with the mixture and could hardly wait to hang the ornaments. What a great spring time (or anytime) activity.