Monday, 23 September 2013

a fairy garden party

It was my daughter's 4th birthday so we had a fairy garden party with a special guest...Tinkerbell.  You can see more of Tinkerbell here.  It as so much fun to decorate for this party. We scattered flowers on the table with a few leaves here and there, very whimsical I thought.

I had asked my Mom to keep an eye out for one of those glass domes on a pedistal and here it is filled with cupcakes and butterflies. I made coconut cupcakes (recipe found here) and I think I have found a new favourite, it was so yummy. Then topped with some cream cheese icing.

Some flower and leaf shaped cookies (recipe found here) decorated with royal icing. These by far are my favourite go to sugar recipe.

And it seems I can not do a birthday without cake pops. I used a poppy seed sour cream cake for the cakes and then covered them with Wilton candy melts and green royal icing cute are these?

I had seen this idea on Pinterest (not sure if I love Pinterest or strongly dislike it) and thought it was a fun idea. You take Wilton candy melts and dip the cup into it then dip the cup into coloured sugar. You can find the tutorial I used here. On these cups I also added some washi tape and a sticker to make these plain cups a bit more interesting.  Now add a paper straw and you are done.

All the little fairies got a braided headband made out of tulle. I wove a flower into it so it looked more fairy like.  I used 9 pieces of tulle (white and purple sparkle mixed) to make the headband. There was a tail (can't see it in the photo) that is about 12-15" long and I added a pink ribbon and bow as well.

I felt that the boys needed something different so I made them a Peter Pan hat.  I used this tutorial, it was very simple to make. 

If you look closely, you can see that the fork has been decorated too...yes, I got carried away with my glue gun. I bought clear forks, tied a ribbon around it and then glued some flowers on top of the ribbon. I loved how it looked and I will do a variation of this next time too.  The paper plates were plain white and I gathered some crepe paper (rolls that you easily find at a local dollar store) and then glued it to the back of the plate...simple but whimsical.

And finally the cake. I try to not make a cake and do cupcakes instead but my daughter really wanted a cake, so I made her one. Cake decorating is really not my thing, it's a skill that I have not fine tuned but having said that I am quite happy with how the cake turned out. There was 2 layers of cake, one green and the other purple, and cream cheese icing and raspberry jam in the middle.