Monday, 30 September 2013

clothes pin fairy

It was my daughter's birthday party recently and we made a simple craft with the girls, a fairy.

Here is a list of the supplies I used:
  • clothes pin
  • double sided tape (to glue everything - almost)
  • felt (wings)
  • markers, fine tip (black and red)
  • paint  (body)
  • pipe cleaner (arms)
  • ribbon (belt)
  • tissue paper (skirt)
  • wool (for hair)

Here is how I made them:
  1. Paint clothes pin just below the pin or head, this will be the top of the fairy. I also painted the bottom tips of the clothes pin for shoes but you can't see that in the photo.
  2. Cut a piece of tissue paper approximately 10" x 4", fold in half to create a long strip. Scrunch/gather. Glue/tape around waist of fairy.
  3. Cut a piece of decorative ribbon slightly longer than what will fit around the fairy's waist, you want it to overlap slightly. Glue/tape into place.
  4. Use a pipe cleaner approximately 6" in length, fold ends of pipe cleaner to create the hands.  Fold in half and glue/tape to the back of the fairy with the arms coming forward.
  5. Cut some wings out of felt, I just folded a piece in half to cut both sides at the same time and guessed on how it should be. Glue to back of fairy, covering the arms and back of the belt.
  6. Cut some pieces of wool approximately 10" long, tie into a knot in the middle. Glue/tape on top of head. You may need to give your fairy a hair cut but that is completely up to you.
  7. Draw the eyes and lips and now you are done.
You could always add a decorative ribbon to the back so that you can hang the fairy up, we just did not get to doing that this time around....maybe next time.