Wednesday, 13 June 2012

ikea duvet cover recreated

I love Ikea but when I was looking for my kids bedding there was nothing I really liked or that would go with their rooms. It was either not in the toddler bed size or the colours weren't quite right. So, to solve my problem, I bought a twin duvet bedding set and recreated it to make 2 toddler bed duvet covers with 2 pillowcases. Now I have exactly what I wanted to go with their rooms.

I recently was given this heart shape duvet cover from Ikea to sew into 2 toddler bed duvet covers. 

Please note that the direction of the pattern will change from horizontal to vertical which may not be what you are wanting.  There was a big heart in the centre of the pillowcase and I tried to save as much of it as I could when making the new pillowcase.  I did have to use some of the duvet cover to extend the length of the pillowcase, which I think makes it even cuter.  

I had fabric leftover so I decided to make a toss cushion with it, just the right size for the toddler bed.