Tuesday, 18 December 2012

simple nativity ornament

A simple Christmas nativity ornament.  I had seen the idea on Pinterest and thought I would try it too.  Here is what you will need:
  • 3 clothespins
  • 1 star
  • wire
  • twine
  • hot glue
I first glued Mary and Joseph together with a little bit of hot glue. I cut the third clothespin to make the baby Jesus. I used the twine to tie around the neck of the baby to add a little bit of interest, which was then glued to Mary & Joseph.  Then I drilled (well actually, my Dad did it for me) a hole in the star, I tried to keep the hole as small as possible.  Next I threaded a wire, bent it in half right at the star and then twisted it to create one piece of wire.  I added a loop in the wire and then glued to the back of the ornament. Next I made a twine loop so that I could hang it in the tree, which was also hot glued to the back.  To finish off the back, I cut a red heart out of felt and covered up my glue at the back.