Monday, 13 August 2012

fairy princess wand

My daughter is in love with pink and purple, fairies and princesses. So, for her birthday we are planning to have a pink lemonade fairy princess party. I thought it would be fun to make some little wands for the kids to take home as their party favour.  Her is a sneak peak of what I've been working on. I think I may add a flower or two with the star, I always think of beautiful flowers when I think of fairies. We will see what the finished wand will look like. I will post photos after the party.

Here is what the wand handle looks like, complete with a few Swarovski crystals.

Here is how I made the wands:
  • cut 5/16" dowel (this was the smallest I could find that was strong at the same time) to 12" lengths.  I purchased my dowels at the hardware store.
  • add a handle (optional).  I got these from my father, he was planning to get rid of them.
  • painted dowel and handle with craft acrylic paint.
  • decorated handle with white paint.
  • added a finish coat of mod podge matte.
  • cut 2 ribbons 24" +/- long, folded it in half and used a hand stapler to attach to top of wand.
  • sewed together 2 stairs leaving an opening at the bottom of the star where the dowel would go.
  • stuffed the star slightly then put onto the wand and use a staple to secure in place. 
  • decorate the stars to your liking...make sure you cover up the staple (I have yet to do this part)