Saturday, 21 February 2015

Tulle Skirt

I recently made an adjustable tulle skirt for a photo shoot and thought I would show you how I made it.

Here is the list of what you will need:

  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Tulle, mine was 54" wide and I bought 40 yards (a bolt) at Papermart

- measure the length of skirt you want, then double it. Mine was 51" but each piece of tulle cut was 102" long

- cut a piece of 1" wide ribbon to fit around your waist and add at least 24" for tying the ends together. You are better to have too much ribbon than not enough.  Heat seal the ends so that they do not ravel, this just means take a candle flame and run the edge of the ribbon near the flame to slightly melt the ribbon. Now here is the sophisticated part, I used painters tape and taped it to my dining room table.

- Take a piece of your cut tulle, open it up completely and gather it with your hands. Then wrap it around the ribbon, fold at the ribbon.  Do this with all your tulle pieces.  I slightly overlapped each piece to try and make it look fuller.

Below is what all the pieces of tulle gather around the ribbon look like.

- Pin your ribbon and tulle together and sew just below the ribbon. You do not want to sew through the ribbon, if you do your skirt will no longer be adjustable.

It doesn't matter how your hand stitch it together, you just want to make sure that each end is secure. As a note, be sure your needle goes through all of the tulle.

If you find that your skirt is not full enough, just add more tulle until you get the desired fullness.

Below a skirt in action. I did  not get a chance to photograph the pink one but I made the black one the same way.