Monday, 15 June 2015

A Robot Birthday Celebration

Celebration a 4 year old's birthday party with everything robot. Now, when I look back at what I did, I feel that there were not enough decorations…I will have to remember that for next year's party.

Some airplane sugar cookies (recipe found here) decorated with royal icing (receip from Sweet Sugar Belle). I tried a flooding technique this time around and was pretty impressed with how it all went. I can see how decorating cookies can become addictive.

It seems that no birthday is complete in my house without cake pops. I use my all time favourite recipe for these, lemon poppy seed sour cream cake.  I then used the Wilton candy melts, swirled it on with a bamboo skewer and topped it off with some decorative balls. Yum.

And finally the cake. I made a white cake from Butter Baked Goods and coloured half the batch orange. I alternated the white and orange batters for a fun cake piece once cut.  I used cream cheese icing from Martha Stewart and made a few colours. I got a little carried away with the grey pipping but I guess that is what can happen when you make too much icing. 

The robot (transformer) is standing on oreo cookie crumbs.

And finally, the goodie bag. I don't really like the typical goodie bags very much so I try to create something that is different. I think I succeeded, robot rice krispies.