Monday, 2 May 2016

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

I have started a new tradition where once a year I host a tea party. I love doing this and all the details it involves.

The theme this year was Alice in Wonderland. We did my daughter's birthday in this theme and it was so much fun that I wanted the same party for me. Below are a few photos from that day.

The mini cupcakes on the cake stand are lemon poppy seed, they are so yummy.  You can find the recipe here and the cake stand is from Rosanna Inc.

I made some meringue mushrooms, the recipe I found on Sweet Treats blog and I am quite happy how they turned out. Below that are 'Sue Bars', it's a recipe my mom used to make so it brings back fond memories.

Some tea cup sugar cookies (recipe found here) decorated with royal icing (recipe from Sweet Sugar Belle). I tried a new sugar cookie recipe and these are by far the best that I have found so far.  You don't need to refrigerate the dough, you just roll it out and bake. And the best part is, besides tasting really good, is that the cookie doesn't spread.  The shape you make is the shape you get.  

A tea party is not complete without some pretty macarons. These have a chocolate ganache icing in them, so yummy.

Many of my parties include homemade marshmallows, these ones are blackberry flavoured.

A few Alice in Wonderland figures to help create that bit of whimsy. And some peppermint naniamo bars, these are super yummy. The recipe is from Butter Celebrates, here is a copy of the recipe I found printed in our local paper.

Chocolate dipped Macaroons, cranberry pistachio cookies and more mushroom meringues, oh so good.